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Ordering Instructions
Source: | Author:Marketing | Published time: 2023-03-27 | 198 Views | Share:
You can order the item right way if they have price and can contact us for the quotation if the item's price is “0”

1, If a part No. with a price, means this item is our "IN STOCK" product, you can order them at any time. just click "Buy now" for purchasing, we will shipping them within 1 week.

2, If the part without price or the price is "0", means"NON-STOCK", we do not have the stock for this part currenty. if you also need the price & delivery time for this part, please contact us for the quotation.

3, For the "NON-STOCK" parts, after we quotated to you, you can purchasing them offline, you need to place us an order to purchase. we called "Offline Purchase".

4,Please don't order the item with the "0" price, this item won't be shipped although you made payment.

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