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To sign for goods need to pay attention to what issues?
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Home delivery, cash on delivery orders: Courier delivery, please be sure to control shipments mononuclear for goods face to face, if there is a quantity missing, damaged goods, please deal with the return of the single commodity on the spot. If the order contains gifts, please return. Once you confirm the signature, we will not be able to handle return or replacement.

Special tips:

1. If your order using the account balance or coupon payments, only when the amount payable by less than the actual amount of return of the goods can only be dealt with.

2. If your order contains gifts, will not be able to provide the service; If it is a complete set of goods, you can only a complete set of returns. If it is a bundle, in return you the goods need to return the gifts together at the same time.

2, the post office to mail order: please be sure to check when you pick up my package in the outer packing, if you find broken or damaged package, please don't sign for it, then please to deliver the original bill of parcels to us in time, your original parcel list will handle the replacement or refund for you as we only prove. After receiving the notice, we will go through the formalities for you. If you do not open the packing cases, also can full refund on the spot. Ordinary mail order, when received the parcel, if discover the parcel damaged, please request package damage certificate from the post office. Note: please check the invoice carefully during inspection to sign for you, if there is a wrong invoice or leakage, please contact us in time, indicate the order number, mailing address and the recipient's name, we will issue for you as soon as possible after receiving your information, and mail it to you.

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